Saturday, December 1, 2018

♥ What I Wore in November♥ Manis Included ♥ Outfit Roundup ♥ Insta Inspo ♥

No Tights As Of Yet!

The first  two weeks of the mont were actually warm enough to go bare legs. I made the most of it and wore miniskirts whenever I could, that is whenever I didn't go to work...
Cardies were in the limelight too as I didn't need a warm jacket. Love my new striped one because it goes with so many pieces I already own...

 The Return of the Ice (Blazer)

I'm glad I splurged on that blazer last year as it still looks so OTM. Plus it's so versatile I wore it with a hoodie, a demure yellow dress and a snakeskin dress that same week. It's also warm enough to wear when the weather cools down as it's wool.

 The Return of Tights

I wore tights for the first time of the season, fishnet, and warmer jackets too. Also played with colors and wore more tonal outfits. 

Hello Lime Green

Not the easiest color to wear but I paired it with a  very old Alexander Wang lime green and my new sweater worked surprisingly well with it. 

Welcoming the Saddle

I coveted it for months and missed it twice on the website but I finally managed to order it at the end of the month! I put my Gucci gold chain strap on it this morning as I intend to wear it crossbody. The corresponding strap is not available for purchase at the moment and it's so expensive that it's out of the question, at least for the moment. But never say never, as the saying goes...

Purple, Orange, Red and Teal Green

The nail polishes are all from Kiko. I do my mai once a week and usually pair it with a corresponding lipstick when possible.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

What I Wore in October♥ Manis Included ♥ Outfit Roundup ♥ Insta Inspo ♥

No Tights October

I can go bare legs in Winter too, if the weather allows it but, even if the temperatures have cooled down, I haven't worn tights as of yet...

Cruising in... Cycling Shorts

I love how these havereturned into fashion. Last month I wore them with everything from a blazer to a tee or a  sweatshirt... I can totally imagine weraing them with a chunky knit comes Winter too.

The Game Changer

As I wrote in the previous post, my Fendi strap has updated three of my bags and I love them even more now! So much so that I've stored their original strap because I only wear my Strap You.

The Return of The Mini

Another item I've been wearing a lost these past few days has been the miniskirt. Maybe seeing them on a lot of catwalks last month has renewed my interest in them...

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

How To Update Your Collection Of Bags And Get A Designer Bag For 75%Less ♥ Five Reasons Wh You Should Buy a Designer Strap ♥ Fendi Strap You ♥

A Game Changer Accessory

Saying his little piece of leather changed my bag game is an understatement. I received my Fendi strap last Wednesday and haven't stopped wearing it ever since! I initially wanted to buy a lighter one but it was sold out so I called Fendi and they told me a brown and black version of the strap was due for November. I kept checking their website and bought it immediately when I saw it was available.

Before And After Strap You

I'm using it with my JW Anderson Pierce bag, my Loewe Puzzle bag and my Gucci Animalier bag and it's rekindled my love for them.
Gucci Animalier bag ♥ Loewe bag ♥ JW Anderson Pierce bag ♥

Same bags but with the Fendi Strap...

It Changes The Look Of Your Bag Instantly

It's funny how much a strap can change the phisiognomy of your bag. The logo print instantly updates any of them and adds a 2018 twist to them.
The right look is the one I wore today. ♥

A New Strap Can Keep Your Bag Safer

I've lost count of the times I almost lost my Pierce bag because the original strap unfastened out of the blue and the bag just fell off my shoulder! I won't have this problem with the new strap anymore for sure!

It Makes Your Bag So Much More Comfortable

I love my Gucci Animalier bag but comfort is not what best characterizes it ... Actually the chain strap is cute but pretty much uncomfortable... Once again, this is but a  distant memory with the new soft leather strap.

You Get To Wear Your Bags More

Adding a strap can in fact mean you love your bags more so you wear them more too so the cost per wear keeps getting better and better. And, given the price of a designer bag, the least we could say is that it's better to wear them a lot!

More Fash Less Cash

The price of a nice designer strap is around 500 Euros. It's not on the cheapest side but the average corresponding designer bag is four times this price... So all in all, you get the designer feel, here the Fendi logo, without the price tag. What's not to love?

Time To Shop!

My Fendi strap is sold out online but there are plenty of other cool options, here's my selection! Enjoy!

And A Few Bag Options If Needed...

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Red Alert ♥ Designer Buys ♥ Promotion Codes ♥ October 2018 ♥ Matchesfashion & NET-A-PORTER ♥

If you wanted to invest in designer pieces for the new season,  now is the time!
I found two awesome promotion codes to get more fash with less cash.


I came across this code quite by chance as I was carelessly browsing the site. One small code at the top of the page caught my eyes though... It read: Enjoy 15% off your next order with the code FWFASHIONFIX15 . It also said limited time only as you've got till October 15 to use so hurry!!!
I myself bought two things I had been looking for for some time: a pair of Fendi sunnies - sold out on NET-A-PORTER but still available at Matchesfashion - and a Burberry scarf. I also spotted an Isabel Marant bag but the brand is excluded from the promotion along with Gucci for example. If you still want it, here it is, just below, otherwise you can buy the beige version at Matchesfashion.

Isabel Marant Beeka bag in yellow and teal

@ Matchesfashion

Just when I thought that I had made the most of my cash with the discount at NET-A-PORTER did I receive an almost 20% off promo code at Matchesfashion in my inbox. It's even more exciting as you start saving 100 Euros when you spend 300 Euros, 200 when spending 600 and up to 300 Euros for 1000 Euros spent on the site. And, last but not least, Isabel Marant is included and you can find my Burberry scarf at an even better price!
Tell me what you've bought in the comments below!
Wish you an amazing shopping everyone!

Burberry cashmere and wool scarf

Isabel Marant Beeka bag in beige and black

And the Fendi oversized aviator sunnies I bought...

Monday, October 1, 2018

What I Wore in September♥ Back to School Outfits Included ♥ Outfit Roundup ♥ Insta Inspo ♥

Monday, September 17, 2018

New In ♥ Ugly Shoes ♥ Gucci Flashtrek High-Top Sneakers ♥

Ugly Shoes For The Win

You may have noticed by now my certain penchant for ugly shoes. The bolder, the better.I was drawn to the Gucci Flashtrek as soon as they popped up in the visuals last year. I even went to their flagship store while in Paris but hey didn't even know when they were going to hit the stores back then...
A few weeks ago I tried the metallic pink and green version in New York, but I thought the colorway looked too much like the one of my Triple S, especially since they're low top.

I Think Therefore I Buy

So I took some time to think about the purchase and bought the black high-top Flashtrek. Hiking boots are going to be huge this winter and if I can get the comfort of sneakers and the trendiness of hiking boots in just one pair of shoes, who am I to say no? 
Plus I have to admit that seeing they were selling out in many sizes on Gucci website made me buy them even readily. I got them on Net a Porter because my size wasn't available on Ssense, with a 1,5% cashback, which increased to 4 % just two days later... Nevermind...
Talking about size, they run true to size. I have them in 40 and they fit perfectly.
I'm wearing them with oh so OTM biker shorts from Asos( thank you Ellie for the tip!) but I can totally see myself wearing them with flirty lace skirts or scarf print leggings, like these.
I'm putting several links at the end of the post so you can shop them at different shops and in other styles and colors as well.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

What I Wore in August ♥ New York Outfits Included ♥ Outfit Roundup ♥ Insta Inspo ♥