Saturday, December 1, 2018

♥ What I Wore in November♥ Manis Included ♥ Outfit Roundup ♥ Insta Inspo ♥

No Tights As Of Yet!

The first  two weeks of the mont were actually warm enough to go bare legs. I made the most of it and wore miniskirts whenever I could, that is whenever I didn't go to work...
Cardies were in the limelight too as I didn't need a warm jacket. Love my new striped one because it goes with so many pieces I already own...

 The Return of the Ice (Blazer)

I'm glad I splurged on that blazer last year as it still looks so OTM. Plus it's so versatile I wore it with a hoodie, a demure yellow dress and a snakeskin dress that same week. It's also warm enough to wear when the weather cools down as it's wool.

 The Return of Tights

I wore tights for the first time of the season, fishnet, and warmer jackets too. Also played with colors and wore more tonal outfits. 

Hello Lime Green

Not the easiest color to wear but I paired it with a  very old Alexander Wang lime green and my new sweater worked surprisingly well with it. 

Welcoming the Saddle

I coveted it for months and missed it twice on the website but I finally managed to order it at the end of the month! I put my Gucci gold chain strap on it this morning as I intend to wear it crossbody. The corresponding strap is not available for purchase at the moment and it's so expensive that it's out of the question, at least for the moment. But never say never, as the saying goes...

Purple, Orange, Red and Teal Green

The nail polishes are all from Kiko. I do my mai once a week and usually pair it with a corresponding lipstick when possible.