Monday, November 13, 2017

♥ Stripes Vinyl Pants and Ace Glitter ♥

Le rendu en photo est trompeur: je n'ai pas gardé ce pantalon en vinyle Mango... Et pour cause, après trois tentatives et autant de changement de taille, j'ai dû me résoudre à m'en séparer... Sa coupe n'est vraiment pas des plus flatteuses en ce qui concerne le côté face et les coutures semblaient être tendues plus que de raison... Dommage, je porte sans arrêt ce pantalon de chez Zara et j'aurais aimé trouvé son doublon en version rouge, histoire de donner un peu de répit à son cousin carbone qui sévit régulièrement et vaillamment depuis l'an passé... La quête reste donc ouverte, si vous avez des suggestions...
Je vous souhaite une excellente fin de journée!

The photo-rendering is deceitful, I didn't keep these Mango vinyl pants... And with  good reason too as I decided to dispose of them after trying them in  three different sizes! The cut is really  not flattering, especially on the rear side and the stitches seemed to be on the tense side at the seams... It's a pity as I've been wearing these Zara pants on repeat and I would like to find a similar version of them in red , just to give their carbon twins a break as they have served regularly and bravely since last year... The quest is still open then, if you have any suggestions...
I wish an excellent end of the day!


  1. You look absolutely stunning in these photos - your lipstick, eye-makeup and hair all look gorgeous!
    I love the look of the outfit you were wearing in these photos.
    The red colour of the horizontal stripes and shoulders of your top coordinates beautifully with the pants.
    It's a shame that none of the three sizes of the Mango vinyl pants had a cut that would fit and do justice to the rear side of your pretty figure - I would have loved to see rear view of the outfit modelled if the fit was better. It sounds like Mango needs better patterns for their tailors to work with.

  2. Wow, amazing outfit!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

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