Tuesday, October 23, 2018

How To Update Your Collection Of Bags And Get A Designer Bag For 75%Less ♥ Five Reasons Wh You Should Buy a Designer Strap ♥ Fendi Strap You ♥

A Game Changer Accessory

Saying his little piece of leather changed my bag game is an understatement. I received my Fendi strap last Wednesday and haven't stopped wearing it ever since! I initially wanted to buy a lighter one but it was sold out so I called Fendi and they told me a brown and black version of the strap was due for November. I kept checking their website and bought it immediately when I saw it was available.

Before And After Strap You

I'm using it with my JW Anderson Pierce bag, my Loewe Puzzle bag and my Gucci Animalier bag and it's rekindled my love for them.
Gucci Animalier bag ♥ Loewe bag ♥ JW Anderson Pierce bag ♥

Same bags but with the Fendi Strap...

It Changes The Look Of Your Bag Instantly

It's funny how much a strap can change the phisiognomy of your bag. The logo print instantly updates any of them and adds a 2018 twist to them.
The right look is the one I wore today. ♥

A New Strap Can Keep Your Bag Safer

I've lost count of the times I almost lost my Pierce bag because the original strap unfastened out of the blue and the bag just fell off my shoulder! I won't have this problem with the new strap anymore for sure!

It Makes Your Bag So Much More Comfortable

I love my Gucci Animalier bag but comfort is not what best characterizes it ... Actually the chain strap is cute but pretty much uncomfortable... Once again, this is but a  distant memory with the new soft leather strap.

You Get To Wear Your Bags More

Adding a strap can in fact mean you love your bags more so you wear them more too so the cost per wear keeps getting better and better. And, given the price of a designer bag, the least we could say is that it's better to wear them a lot!

More Fash Less Cash

The price of a nice designer strap is around 500 Euros. It's not on the cheapest side but the average corresponding designer bag is four times this price... So all in all, you get the designer feel, here the Fendi logo, without the price tag. What's not to love?

Time To Shop!

My Fendi strap is sold out online but there are plenty of other cool options, here's my selection! Enjoy!

And A Few Bag Options If Needed...


  1. Beautiful bags and pictures!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  2. le borse sono bellissime specialmente quella gialla.

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