Thursday, April 1, 2021

♥ What I Wore in March♥ Manis of the Month ♥ Outfit Roundup ♥ Insta Inspo ♥



  1. Wow! 38 beautiful outfit photos and four manis!
    Your outfits and the photos of you wearing them are fabulous as usual!
    I am especially loving the look of the OOTD on the right side of the top row
    in the first group of outfit photos,
    of the outfit featured in the centre of the second row
    of the third group of 12 outfit photos,
    and of the tiered ruffled mini-dress in the photo on the right side
    just above the manis (all four of which look perfect and very pretty).

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  2. I envy your closet! Love your style! You looks amazing in every outfit.
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