Tuesday, August 31, 2021

♥ What I Wore in August ♥ Manis of the Month ♥ Outfit Roundup ♥ Insta Inspo ♥



  1. Happy September!
    I see that you looked very fashionable throughout the month of August!
    My favourite of the outfit pieces you were wearing is the skirt in the centre of the bottom row of the second set photos.
    I love the dress's floral print, its drape and its fluttery look.
    I also like the coordinated colourful white trimmed 'Mickey Mouse' graphic
    crop-top and shorts set in the centre of the top row in that group of photos,
    and the brown mini-dress in the upper left corner of the last set of six outfit photos.
    I love the scenic locals in all of your outfit photos.
    As usual, you look stunningly gorgeous in them!
    My favourite out of the 5 manis is the pink essie nail lacquer

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  3. Beautiful outfit.
    This blog post is very interesting and adds insight for me.
    Thank you for sharing.


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