Tuesday, February 1, 2022

♥ What I Wore in January ♥ Manis of the Month ♥ Outfit Roundup ♥ Insta Inspo ♥



  1. The OOTD on the left side of the first set of photos
    and the OOTD in the centre of the top row of the fifth set of outfit photos are my favourite two outfits,
    but all 31 of the outfits you styled and were wearing in the fabulous outfit photos above looked very fashionable and attractive.
    You look stunningly beautiful modelling all of them!!!
    Have you by any chance modelled haute couture in fashion shows for designers?
    All four of the nail lacquers in this month's manis look perfectly applied and very pretty.
    I especially love the wonderfully feminine shade of pink of the ORLY nail lacquer!


    1. No, I've never modelled for couture. Thank you so so much! 🙏🏻😊😊😊 That is so adorable !

    2. You are very welcome!
      It is the designers' loss that you were not modelling their designs!
      I am very sure that any designers' haute couture would look much more attractive and desirable if you were modelling it.
      You look stunningly gorgeous!

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