Friday, April 1, 2022

♥ What I Wore in March ♥ Manis of the Month ♥ Outfit Roundup ♥ Insta Inspo ♥



  1. You styled and wore a lot of very fashionable and attractive outfit in March!
    Among the looks I like the most (I like all of them) were:
    The purple mini-skirt and mini-floral top accessorised with green boots and purse
    in the photo second from the rightin the top row of the first group of seven outfits;
    The coordinated chunky purple turtleneck, belt and trousers accessorised with the chartreuse yellow purse and shoes
    in the centre of the bottom row in the second group of outfit photos;
    The black OOTD in the lower left corner of the third group of outfit photos;
    The OOTD featuring the pretty zebra-striped mini-skirt in the upper left corner of the fourth group of outfit photos;
    The black OOTD in the lower right corner of the fifth set of outfit photos, and;
    The perfect looking five coloured Kiko nail lacquer mani.
    You looked stunningly gorgeous in all of the 31 outfits you styled and wore in the month of March!
    Best wishes for your April! xx <3 :D

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