Thursday, June 1, 2023

♥ May 2023 Insta & Mani Recap ♥



  1. As usual, you look stunningly beautiful in all of the outfit photos you posted here,
    and all of the manis loom perfect! My favourite mani look is the 5 colour rainbow mani!
    From amongst all of the pretty outfit, my favourite looks are:
    The silver mini-dress in in the photo on the left side of top row;
    The sheer crocheted maxi-skirt styled in the outfit on the left side of the third row
    (both in the first group of 12 photos), and;
    The mini-dress on the left side of the third row, and;
    The mini-dress on the right side of the fourth row in the second group of twelve photos, and; The yellow outfit in the centre of the bottom row in the third group of outfit photos.
    Best wishes for a fabulous June!

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