Tuesday, August 1, 2023

♥July 2023 Insta Recap ♥



  1. You look very beautiful in that first photograph blowing a kiss whilst standing in that pretty locale.
    You really stand out, contrasted against the blue sky, white clouds, blue sea and green foliage.
    The maxi-dress in the second photo has a fascinating print and looks very comfortable.
    I also love the appearance of the other 29 outfits you styled and were wearing in the two photo-collages.
    Out of all of those pretty outfits four of my faves are:
    The black and white top styled with mini-skirt and white boots on the left side of the centre row of the first photo-collage;
    The airy orange dress in the lower left corner of the first photo-collage;
    The pink bralette and pink shoes styled with the very colourful artistic mini-skirt
    on the right side of the second row of images in the second photo-collage, and;
    The bodycon mini-dress in the centre of the bottom row of photos in the second photo-collage.

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