Friday, August 12, 2016

Trending Now ♥ Wanted : Patches,Patched Denim and Patched Everything!

Ils sont partout en ce moment, agrémentant vestes, jeans et autres robe: j'ai nommé les empiècements! La tendance est présente depuis deux saisons déjà et s'annonce très pregnante pour l'automne. Petite sélection de pièces à porter maintenant, et plus tard! ;)
Je vous souhaite un excellent début de weekend!

You can find them on everything these days, embellishing jackets, jeans and other dresses: patches!
They've been trendy for two seasons already and they're still gonna be ubiquitous comes Fall.
Here's a little selection of items you can wear now, and later! ;)
I wish you an excellent start of the weekend!


  1. These are super pretty! I really love the first pictures!
    They look so amazing! Love it ^^ Great review x
    lulinaiem sakura viet nam

  2. The patch trend is huge and am madly crashing on it!! I especially love to wear patched denim wear!

  3. Great post, love it :)

  4. Great picks Jeanne!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  5. Splendidi spunti, Jeanne, voglio gli shorts della Levi's!


  6. I know and love this one too!

  7. io adoro le patches! :D


  8. Love all of this!

  9. I love the patches, great trend!!!!

  10. Love it... make clothes look so playful!

  11. Still in trend? I loved patches in my fifth! I will always love the patched jacket!

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  13. Every time I see one of your outfits, all I can think to myself is where 'she’s getting ideas. Your style is everything. awesome collections of embroidery patches designs.

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