Monday, April 1, 2024

♥ March 2024 Insta Outfit Recap ♥



  1. Happy Spring!
    Your outfit photos are fabulous, and your scenic landscape and vacay photos are a treat to look at.
    I love the outfits you styled and were wearing in all of the beautiful photographs above -
    that first photograph of you wearing the airy empire-waisted babydoll mini-dress has me swooning!
    I am also especially loving the outfit you styled and were wearing
    in the centre of the top row of photos in the first photo collage featuring the blue windbreaker and flared mini-skirt.
    You also looked stunningly beautiful wearing the black OOTD in the lower left corner of the last photo-collage -
    and in all of your outfit photos for that matter.. <3 xx

    P.S.: My apologies for not having done any new posts since my August 5, 2023 post
    Naught lazy me!

  2. So many fabulous outfits. You're so stylish!


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