Wednesday, May 1, 2024

♥ April 2024 Insta Outfit & Mani Recap ♥



  1. s always you styled and wore a lot of very attractive outfits over the course of the last month!
    I love your smile in that top photo of you wearing that wonderfully colourful and artistic top!
    I also especially love the red floral print mini-dress in the centre of the fourth row of outfit photos in the first 15 photo-collage,
    and the mustard yellow button-front mini-dress in the upper right corner of the second 15 photo-collage!
    All of the mani's pictured above using the essie nail lacquers, expressie and essie quick dry nail colour look perfect and pretty.
    The metallic mani in the upper left corner and the pink mani in the lower right corner are my faves.
    P.S.: The outfit featuring the floral print dress in your "ABOUT ME" photograph is one of my favourites - you look stunningly beautiful in it! <3 xx

    1. P.S.: I finally got around to doing a couple of new (perhaps ill advised?) posts:
      A typical (lazy and late) post on my regular blog:,
      and a very naughty, over-sharing, risky, and risqué post on my over 18 blog:


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