Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pinstripe story

Pour autant que j'aime le mix and match d'imprimés, parfois, se "contenter" de porter le même imprimé deux fois dans la même tenue a du bon également! Je me suis néanmoins débrouillée pour insérer une touche de pois sur l'écharpe et les collants!

As much as I love clashing prints, sometimes just doubling them in an outfit is good too! Even though I managed to wear the pinstripe knit and skirt from Zara with a polka-dot scarf and polka-dots tights!

Pull et jupe/ Sweater and skirt: Zara
Echarpe/ Scarf: H&M
Collants/ Tights: Calzedonia
Derbies/ Brogues: Mango


  1. Your sweater and skirt are very Stella McCartney! xx

  2. Thanks Christina! I loved the pinstripe print at Stella McCartney so I looked for affordable versions and found these that perfectly did the trick!

  3. Grazie Flaviana! Sono di Mango e sono molto comode e molto rock! Si abbinano a tutto!


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