Friday, February 14, 2014

Miscellanous Crushes

Aujourd'hui, vendredi, voici une sélection des pièces pour lesquelles j'ai eu des coups de cœur et que j'ai épinglées consciencieusement sur Fashiolista et Pinterest. Au menu notamment, des ensembles "total look", des basiques et des chaussures, enjoy! ;)

Today Friday, here is a sélection of items I conscientiously pinned on Fashiolista and Pinterest these last few days. On the menu, matchy ensembles, basics and shoes notably, enjoy! ;)

Ce top léopard Zara, que je verrai bien porté en total look d'ailleurs!
This Zara top, that I could totally picture worn in total look besides!

Image 1 de TOP IMPRIMÉ de Zara

Restons dans le total look avec cet ensemble Zara...
Let's keep it total look  with this Zara ensemble...


Toujours chez L'Espagnol, ce ravissant pull résille.
Still to be found at the Spanish retailer, this wonderful fishnet jumper.


Cette jupe en jean H&M ressemble très fort au parfait basique
This H&M skirt looks very much like the perfect basic

De même, je n'aurais rien contre le fait d'essayer ce jean boyfriend Zara...
I wouldn't mind trying on these Zara boyfriend jeans as well...

"Actualité" oblige ;) ces tops H&M et Asos! ;)
These H&M and Asos tops are completely doing the trick in this Valentine's Day! ;)


Mais également ce T-Shirt Mango...
But also this Mango sweatshirt...


Cette robe à volantsMango est vraiment très "Marant"e...
This Mango ruffle dress is really Marant-like...

Au rayon chaussures, ces mules Zara arrivent à point pour nous combler!
In the shoes department, perfect timing for the release of these Zara mules!
Image 1 de SABOTS TALON CUIR de Zara
J'adore les plumetis et ce ne sont pas ces escarpins Zara qui démentiront mon penchant pour ce motif!
I love satin stich and these Zara pumps are no exception!

Et chez Mango, ces boots qui ne sont pas sans rappeler les "Caleen" d'Isabel Marant ratées lors des soldes...
And at Mango, these boots that bear more than a vague resemblance to the Isabel Marant "Caleen" boots I didn't manage to grab during the sales...
Bottines cuir œil de tigre 


  1. Thank you Vanesa! Your last post left me craving for a peach cobbler! Sweets are not meant to be resisted anyway! ;)

  2. I love those first two looks paired with sandals and flats. How cool is the relaxed day casual look. By the way, I just posted an exclusive post FRONT ROW view of ALEXANDER WANG'S FW14 RUNWAY! Literally shot and sat next to ANNA WINTOUR, you wouldn't even believe it if you saw it, guaranteed to #PROVOKE!


    1. Thank you Nathan! I was really impressed by your frow pictures!

  3. I don't normally like feminine print items but these lip print pieces are really catching my eye <3

    1. Hi Sarah! They're catchy prints and they can look very rock chick too depending on what you pair them with! ;)

  4. <I love th jumper!! it's perfect!!!
    I just discovered your blog and i love it
    Would u like to visit mine???
    Kiss. V

  5. Hi Vanessa! Yes these jumpers do all the talking! Not much else is needed! ;) I love your blog too!

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